The Perfect Gift by Kathleen Brooks PDF Download

The Perfect Gift by Kathleen Brooks PDF Download

By: Kathleen Brooks
Relase Date: 2015-06-02
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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“He has been loved for so long now that he gets to love is wonderful. Nabi and Grace story is just what a story should be the kids who helped these two come together are very special. I can't wait to read about the Rose sisters next.“

“This was a wonderfully written story that I can't wait to see what's next!!“

“I LOVE all of Kathleen's series so much. However, the story lines, characters, and humor contained in the multiple Bluegrass books never fail to make me feel so euphoric. I am unclear how Kathleen manages to write these books which build off of the previous books but contain nothing repetitious. Each book is an exciting adventure in itself yet, always feel like "Home". Ahmed still remains my favorite character. A good "bad boy". So handsome, intriguing, mysterious, strong, warm, caring, and deadly. Bridget is a perfect mate for him. Now having said that, for me, the "Perfect Gift" develops Nabi's character and emphasis some of the same traits. But with a softer, more family oriented personality. I can't wait for the next book. But, alas I must. I just hope it will not be too long of a wait!“

“I have always been a fan of the Buegrass Series. Nabi and Grace were adorable. Okay the kids are all grown up now. You have to get a couple of stories from that crafty bunch. Lol“

“I’ve read them all…. The Bluegrass Series is just awesome… I’ve loved every book. I love how she has jumped in years and cotinued the story and hasn’t let our favorites end. I would highly recomeneding going back and start at the begining and read each one in the series. There aren’t any cliff hangers it is just one smooth growing love story after love story of family & friends,“

“Amazing story as always. I can't wait for the Rose sisters story! And the kids....oh my are they a handful and will be so much fun to read their stories as well. I laughed out loud many times with their antics.“

“From the Roses sisters, to the many talents of the wonderful woman and the amazing Hot men they love, to now their children, I can't wait for the next generation stories of the funny, warm and loving Keeneston families to come our way!!“

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