Secrets Collide by Kathleen Brooks PDF Download

Secrets Collide by Kathleen Brooks PDF Download

By: Kathleen Brooks
Relase Date: 2013-10-07
Genre: Suspense, Romance

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“I've loved all the Bluegrass Books, but this one was a bit of a let down. Cy didn't seem realistic and the story felt very rushed. In an attempt to wrap up everyone's stories it just felt like too much for one book. Really hoping for a strong finish with Ahmed & Bridget's story.“

“What a wonderful story... Kathleen Brooks did it again!!she wrote another attention keeping story.. I've read every one of the stories in this collection and have loved them all... I recommend this entire collection to anyone looking for a good book... You won't be let down! I cannot wait until the next book is ready!! :-)“

“I liked this one the best of them all !“

“Kathleen has done it again! This story is full of laughter, suspense, romance and got me hooked from the beginning. I absolutely loved Cy and Gemma. The family of Keenston is so loving it makes you want to be a part of the family. I can't wait for Ahmed!“

“Another fabulous book. Can't wait for Ahmed's story.“

“I've been waiting for Cy's story and it was a great as I thought it would be! I really don't want these great books to end!“

“I love this book. I love the whole series well both of them, they are amazing!!“

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