Rising Storm by Kathleen Brooks PDF Download

Rising Storm by Kathleen Brooks PDF Download

By: Kathleen Brooks
Relase Date: 2012-08-15
Genre: Suspense, Romance

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“Great characters, interesting storylines, entertaining reads.“

“I love love her books and will continue to read and recommend them. I'm a fan! I found the dog fighting topic difficult. I know she stands on the right side of this issue as do our beloved characters. Living through the Michael Vick scandal in Atlanta many years ago was so, so sad. After finishing the book I had to squeeze my puppies extra tight! I still recommend reading this one. Bravo for one of my favorite love stories! Bring back the horses!“

“Loved all of her book so far until this one about dog fighting! So sad! :( It is so hard to read but you want to know about the romance of Marshall and Katelyn.“

“Great series! I have read them all and loved them all. Fun romances with some danger and twists! Must read!!“

“It's so good I'm addicted in this book and all the books in the series love it“

“Great series. When the next one? LOL“

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