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“Surprising twists and turns. Lisa is way ahead of you and misleads you at every opportunity.“

“I loved this book. Loved the writing which at times was very sensual in describing moments in time, both from the past and present stories. I could feel the moment and in one line you could taste it: Pain has a flavor. But hope does, too. I loved the character of Libby and how she moved away from her role as a victim. We are awed by such a life of luxury as this family had and it can often blind us to the fact that all that glitters is not gold. The psychological back stories were intriguing and really did give me a feel for the characters. I felt like I had a vested interest in their outcome. The twists in the storyline are also great. One minute I felt fear, the next I was cheering and this up and down continued. This was the first book that I have read of Lisa Gardner’s. I have no idea how I could have overlooked this writer but I am so happy to have found such a good author with numerous books to her credit (which guarantees me some good reading material coming up).“

“I always enjoy the books written by Lisa Gardner, and this one is no exception. This story was imaginative and populated by interesting characters. One drawback, though a satisfying one, was my ability to ID the "bad guy" before s(he) was revealed by the author. This was due, I think, to the limited development and prominence of other viable characters.“

“Excellent book. Keeps you guessing right up to the end.“

“Kept me awake for a few nights. Leary of an author who says, "I've always wanted to kidnap a family."“

“Amazing thriller! Every time I tried to put it down, I couldn't! Each page led to a more twisted plot with fast paced changes and an end you won't imagine!“

“Twist and turns till the very end. You just think you have it figured out and then it turns a totally different direction.“

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