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“All can say is WOW ! These Sigma series books are awesome ! So much action with so many plot twists you just can’t put ‘me down. Great characters with a great storyline in each one just leaves you begging for more. Highly recommend them.“

“Couldn't put this one down either!“

“Fast paced action, characters continue to evolve holding to the previous story lines.“

“Loved it. All the characters back in place with a fantastic and futuristic story. I love his books, even if rescue always comes down to the last second. Rollins, to me, is always a good read and i hope that Sigma will find many new cases to solve.“

“Another great novel by James Rollins! My advice to the author-keep doing your own work. It is much more interesting than when you share the writing with others. I haven't had the chance to check out the sources referenced at the end of the book, but I truly love this part. I have learned a lot by reading some of these in the past. If you're a Sigma fan, you will love this book.“

“One of James Rollins best books. I can't wait till the next Sigma adventure....thanks!“

“James Rollin's books are my guilty pleasures. When i pick one up i can' t put it down! Their a nonstop thrill ride, and this one was no exception. Love all his books but SIGMA's are my favorites.“

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