Drive by Daniel H. Pink PDF Download

Drive by Daniel H. Pink PDF Download

By: Daniel H. Pink
Relase Date: 2011-04-05
Genre: Management & Leadership, Business & Personal Finance

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“This is a transformative piece that really changes your view of what motivates us. A must read for any one in a management position.“

“Great book. Very practical and reasonable, not pie in the sky crap about theory you can only grasp in a lab setting. After you read it once -autonomy, mastery, and purpose jump off the page and you can't NOT consider it the source of real drive and motivation.“

“This is a must read for anyone who manages thought workers!“

“I too have read LOTS if HR relate books. In regard I motivation, he nails it. Likewise, I really enjoyed his writing style. It is so what like a Freakonomics for motivation.“

“I have listened and read 100s of books on business, self-delopment, and leadership. This is the worst book I have ever listened to. It had no passion and only statements that were claimed to be facts based on studies of extremely tiny groups of participants. Much of the studies and statements are made by intellects that have never owned a business or lead a group of people. Most are college professors that only specialize in being intellectuals. The best quote I can think of to describe this book is one made by Ronald Reagan: "It's not that they're ignorant, it's that they know so much that isn't so". Ronald Reagan The author tries to disguise his contempt for wealth and suucessful entreprenuers by sticking in digs at them and hinting that anyone who tries to incent an employyee to work hard by monetary means, is simply immoral. Really? I'm so disappointed in myself for wasting my $18 on this useless book. If you want drive, don't go to an intellectual who is simply and slyly trying to push his social idealism, learn from people that actually have drive. Not from the intellectuals who have lived in a safe economic environment of goverment or education living off people's taxes instead of their own income created by courage, risk taking and true DRIVE. learn from the risk takers and the people and leaders that have actually lived the life of drive, rather than the intellectuals who create meaningless, agenda pushing studies, and then call their findings, facts! More disaapointing than spending the $18 was the amount of time I wasted listening to complete rubbish. I can't believe this author actually takes himself seriously.“

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