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“Like always, a good read.“

“That’s all I can say! Read it now.“

“I did not enjoy this second book nearly as much as the first (killing floor). Without warning the start of a chapter was an entirely different story that tied in much later. For many chapters the jumping back and forth without warning or reason made it difficult for me to keep my interest. I found myself plugging through mainly because I was into the book now and seen my way through it. Once nearly complete everything previous started to make sense which made the finish an easier read. I hope the third (trip wire) will be better.“

“Simple the best! My heart was pounding through the entire I read really fast. Excellent. Lee Child is getting to be my favorite author.“

“Most people don't know that the Nazi’s are Far Left not far Right, using the symbol of fascist with a far right group makes no sense. Far Right is maximum Freedom lol and swastika is clearly not attached to that. It's a fiction book I get it, but I like books that at least try and be factual around the fiction, it gives the book the feel that it could be real.“

“After reading the first book in this series (Killing Floor) I was a bit depressed at how long it took this second Reacher story to grab me and make me want to keep reading. It starts slow and, at least for me, didn't pick up until 250 + pages into the book. Once pulled in to the story I found it ok. A fairly simple read, pretty easy to tell what was coming next, who did what... No surprises with a standard, maybe more below standard ending for this type story. Now I'm off to start the third Reacher story. Hoping for a bit more this time.“

“Thus far on my Jack Reacher Journey this book is the weakest.“

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