Echo Burning by Lee Child PDF Download

Echo Burning by Lee Child PDF Download

By: Lee Child
Relase Date: 2001-06-25
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,

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“As with most of the Reacher books I feel that it is just a guilty pleasure. The book, like all of them needs better research. The book relies on racial and regional stereotypes and not a little racist insinuation. He paints white Texans as backwards, hillbillies.“

“I enjoy the Jack Reacher series and try to overlook most of the flaws due to the interesting characters and storylines. I had to force myself to get to the end of this one. Not sure if Lee Child had a deadline to meet and few ideas at the time, but this is a must-pass book in the series. Terrible depiction of Texas. The storyline is so implausible it I don’t think it would have been published without Child’s name attached to it.“

“Echo Burning. This was a great book, hard to put down. One word will sum it up, Awesome!“

“I read this one again as I have some others. I guess I'm hooked as I have read them all. Can't wait till new book is out.“

“Typically great Jack Reacher book. The most underrated author in the business.“

“Couldn't put this book down. Love how all of the characters tie in together.“

“Excellent! After the first Reacher book--that I read without stopping--I started reading every one, and this one is just as good all the rest! What a great writer! I can hardly wait for his next one!“

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