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“Every single book is a joy, this one most of all! Thank you for taking me away from 2020, back to the beach with these wonderful characters. It was nostalgic and made me hungry too.“

“I usually like the authors books but this one was so disappointing. Really? This is supposed to be romantic? A woman who saves herself for a married man she sees once a year until her life is over?? This is not a good message to send to women. This is not romantic, it is pitiful. What a waste.“

“I feel like I’m at a loss for words. Elin was right, this is her best book yet! I absolutely loved 28 Summers, and never wanted it to end. Such an amazing story from an even better story teller. Elin Hilderbrand you truly are the best!“

“I really enjoyed this book.“

“I’m just going to have to stop reading Elin Hilderbrand books. Her early works I really enjoyed- but lately and especially this one. Just a way to get her politics on record. Cavendish, really? The whole story was almost unbearable. Jake and Mallory - unlikable and no chemistry - I didn’t believe their love story - Ursula - unlikable - I paid for it though so I finished it, skimming. And was glad when it was done.“

“I have yet to read an Elin Hilderbrand book I haven’t loved - this one was another home run. I laughed, cried, and so enjoyed her richly developed characters (and mouth-watering way of describing meals)! Also loved the little references to her other books throughout the novel.“

“This summer read is quite awful, I am sad to report. To preface, My favorite fiction book for a fun read is Silver Girl. Silver Girl rolls out one complex fully flushed character after another. The plot unravels slowly and thoughfully, allowing the readers imagination and intellect to mine the well crafted sentences for meaning that moves the plot along. The words are all important to the story. Hilderbrands Paradise books, Summer of 69 and now this are alarmingly disappointing. You can litereally skip entire chapters and not miss a thing. This current book is an excuse to spew 28 years worth of Hilderbrands politics out of the mouths of superficial characters through endless meaningless chapters. I was suckered in again by a well crafted couple of chapters in the sample read and once roped in, reluctanly hit purchase to find a sudden ‘bate and swith’ of a Spoon fed Danielle Steel-esque lazily written disappointment.“

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