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“No one is surprised about this administration, and it’s fun to read about trumpie-poo doing idiotic things that we all already know and see him doing.“

“It opens your eyes to the world of reality TV has-been turned narcissist president.“

“Bolton is a Warhawk Neocon responsible for our terrible foreign policy of the past 20 years. Now he's trying to appeal to the Left by being anti-trump. He's right-wing grifter who needs to be shunned.“

“Too much hype over this book. Nothing spectacular about it. Nothing we already don’t know. Don’t bother buying over priced book that is really a boring one to read. Had high expectations and was totally disappointed.“

“I just dont trust this guy... seems like he has an agenda. Seems like another nothingburger...“

“Wow is all I can say!“

“If you are planning on voting this November 2020; I HIGHLY RECOMMEND READING THIS BOOK and what had happened the first term of President Trump. I am NOT asking you to believe its contents; I am ONLY asking you to read it and make your own judgment and decide if you want President Trump for second term in the White House!!! I voted for Trump in 2016 & I lobbied for his presidency passionately even though my dad advised me against it; nonetheless; the idea of a business man away from your everyday genuine politicians running the White House was extremely appealing; yet; I didn’t know whole a lot about Trump Narcissism . If you care about your family you will read the book. If you care about this great nation you will read the book. I don’t think the book is full of lies and fiction like some claims.Bolton was genuine nationalist and always eager for a war but he was smart and honest. After everything happened with Trump in 2020 and after I read the book ; I WOULD NOT BE VOTING FOR TRUMP IN NOV 2020 for a second term. I no longer can explain and justify what Trump does and says to my four kids.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH...!!!“

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