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“Can’t wait for the next one“

“I love a good hockey romance & second chance romance. So, the fact that K. Bromberg released a hockey romance AND a second chance romance, it was a no brainer for me. I one clicked based off of the title. Dekker & Hunter are two of my favorite characters to date. Hunter is all man. He's full of arrogance and you see that right off the bat. Dekker is this feisty, spitfire who had her heartbroken but is doing something her dad asked of her. There is some serious sexual tension with these two and a history that you're dying to learn more about. Their journey they take together is one of my favorite to date by the author.“

“From one page to the next I fell more in love with Dekker and Hunter! The dedication Kristy has to developing her characters and their relationships is truly unmatched. Not just the romantic relationship, but familial relationships as well! I cannot wait for the next one and see how the sisters evolve through out this series. This book truly captures how life can take so much away from you, but in time give you back more than you ever expected!“

““No one likes a player who’s hard to handle...” more than THIS reader and Dekker Kincade! The tale of Hunter “Mad Dog” Maddox and Dekker “the pecker wrecker” kept me emotionally attached until the very last “letter.” The book is full of great characters whom I can’t wait to meet in other stories (the Kincade Sports Management sisters!!) and—sweet Jesus—makes allusions to other Bromberg characters (Colton Donavan, for one) so that I was reminded again, as with each Bromberg book, why I live in KB world! #writekristywrite #vppitcrew“

“Hard to Handle was a book I couldn’t put down once the work week was done and I had the chance to really sit down with it. I planned to read a few chapters and savor it, but you know how that goes. A few chapters turns into finishing at 1:47 a.m. with no regrets. I don’t have a ton of experience with sports romances, with the exception of Kristy’s The Player and The Catch, but I love that Kristy included a lot of hockey details because it made the story feel more real. The slow buildup between Dekker and Hunter felt authentic and not rushed. It’s a read that had me in tears in some moments and giggly-smiling at others. All in all it was a must read for me and I’m looking forward to each sisters book.“

“K. Bromberg brings this enemies to lovers, second chance sports romance story to life! Hard to Handle is the story of Hunter and Dekker, a sports agent and a professional hockey player, who have a past. There is so much amazing chemistry between the two of them along with a strong, yet emotional storyline, especially between Hunter and his brother! This story had all the feels and I really enjoyed it!“

“Hard to Handle is the newest novel by K. Bromberg and it’s a winner. This hockey romance is the story of Hunter, a hockey player, a broken man, and Decker, who works for his team. They have a past. But can they have a future? In true K. Bromberg fashion, Hard to Handle packed a punch. The story was more than I thought it would be. The angst. Oh the angst. It was so emotional and heartbreaking at times. It was also a story of healing and hope. Mixed in was fantastic dialogue and banter with real relatable characters. A story that will pull at your heart and also make you laugh, Hard to Handle is a must read. I can’t wait for the other stand-alones in this series. An arc was provided for an honest review.“

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