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“I love these books! The book starts off slowly because she has to explain the history of prythian and Feyre, but a little less than halfway through it is impossible to put down. It is the perfect YA novel. I’m curious to see what happens in ACOMAF. So many twists and turns. Love it !“

“Honestly out of words on how much I love this series. The characters development and the plot itself is out of this world. Literally. love it too much to stop ever thinking about it :(“

“I started and stopped this book multiple times before finishing it. The first half of the book was difficult to get through because it felt like there was no plot…no end game. I had no clue where the story was going and got sick of it. I finally talked to to some other fans of the series and they reassured me that it got better and to keep going. I’m glad I listened. The last part of the book was mind blowing. The second book is wonderful too.“

“It was really good I read it in a day.“

“This should be considered a Young Adult series“

“I loved this series! The characters and their relationships are deep and intriguing. I read all 4 books in the series (currently) in 4 days, and can’t wait for the next installment!“

“Adolescent thought personified. After 9 chapters I put it down ... the main character feels tragically wronged by every other character but no real reason is given. I’m eager to meet an author halfway to “suspend disbelief” and enmesh myself in the tapestry of their story, but the author never gave me any purchase in her world.“

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