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“Wow! The second part of Brad & Daphne's story had me obsessed the whole time. True to Helen Hardt style, there was twists and turns I definitely didn't see coming. I thoroughly enjoyed Legacy and can't wait for Descent!“

“This is the 14th book in the Steel Brothers Saga and continues the story of Daphne and Brad’s relationship. Some secrets are revealed and others are kept buried to protect the ones we love. The story has many twists and when you think you’ve figured them out, another curveball comes at you. The whole saga has been amazing thus far and I can’t wait to read book 15 “Descent” when it comes out later this year. Many thanks to Bare Naked Words for the advanced readers copy.“

“The one thing that can be said for the Steel family is that nothing is as it seems. Just when you think that things are going one way, things can change on a dime. Everything that Brad Steel does is because of his love for Daphne and his family. Some or most of his decisions are based on what his father would do even though he didn’t have a lot of love for him. It’s hard to imagine what both Brad and Daphne have gone through at their young age. In the next book, we should learn more of what happened to Talon, why it happened, and what led to the Steel family learning of the horrors and history of their parents.“

“This is book 14 and wow it does not disappoint in true Helen writing. The story of Brad and Daphne it a test of everything. There is everything in this book: lies, secrets, Hope, pregnancy, love. Will everything that Daphne is hiding be able to keep Brad in love with her?? This book is a full rollercoaster ride and all you want is more.“

“Another amazing work of art done by Helen. She kept me intrigued the entire time. I literally read it in 2 sittings. I can’t wait for the next one. I never want this series to end. I feel so personally connected to the Steels! It’s killing me not having the full story on Daphne. Interesting to see where Brad learned all his tricks from!!“

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