Concerto by Skye Warren PDF Download

Concerto by Skye Warren PDF Download

By: Skye Warren
Relase Date: 2019-05-14
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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“Book 2 of the North Security trilogy continues as Liam and Samantha both venture on in different directions after leaving the compound in Kingston. The storyline of Concerto is just as illuminating as Overture if not more, and the classical references are just the cherry on top. Only Skye could write a forbidden love story with such elegance but still keep the allure and intensity of this couples chemistry. Seriously, my palms were sweaty from all the steam and sexiness that is Liam. His devotion to Samantha and her safety is limitless. This is a compelling continuation of a masterpiece that will leave you mesmerized! Samantha is preparing for the launch of her first international tour as a guest to the immaculate singer, Harry March. When Liam sets forth on a quest to discover the culprit behind Samantha's attack in Kingston, problems arise when Alistair Brooks, Samantha's father, is presumed to be alive and behind the attack on her life. As Liam distances himself from the violin prodigy, his only acquisition is to eliminate the threat on Samantha's life. Secrets begin to unfold, and Liam begins to question the loyalty of his security team.“

“Book two for Liam and Samantha was heartbreaking and beautiful. Love the give and take between the two characters. Samantha is on the road with a concert and we get to meet some new characters that I would love to see in the future. This book was sinful sexy and I can’t wait for Sonata!! Arc copy provided by author for honest review“

“This is the continuation of Liam and Samantha’s story. You must read book one first. Samantha is on tour and Liam is trying to keep her safe. These books are angsty goodness. Plenty of action and heat with a great story. Excellently plotted. You are along for a wild ride.“

“You must read Overture first, because Concerto is the middle of the story. What a beautifully emotional middle of the story it is! My heart was breaking for both Liam & Samantha. My heart broke for Samantha, because all she wanted was to be loved. My heart broke for Liam, because he felt he can’t truly love her with the sins of his past. But they are meant to be! Samantha did bloom into a beautiful woman in this book. I was also shocked with the twisty turns that happened which kept me turning pages until the end! I can’t wait to see how this trilogy ends in Sonata!“

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