The Mister by E L James PDF Download

The Mister by E L James PDF Download

By: E L James
Relase Date: 2019-04-16
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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“I got through 250 pages of this book and it was painful. It is so horribly written I think it may have been published before someone had a chance to edit or proof it. The characters and plot lacked depth and the story itself wasn’t engaging. I was excited to see another book by E.L. James but this one was a complete disappointment. Read at your own risk.“

“I was not sure how I would like this after reading reviews but it was so good! Very different from 50 shades. Classic romance novel but I really enjoyed the characters.“

“It started off really slow it got a little better towards the end but it doesn’t compare to her other novels. I wasn’t impressed.“

“I was highly disappointed with this one. I was so excited she wrote another book and I really did eventually fall in love with the characters, but it took a while and it was hard to follow....... and the biggest disappointment was the ending .... I mean did she just give up wanting write it? Or is there a 2nd book? I don’t get it?“

“Not what I expected“

“What a book!! I couldn’t put it down!!! I laughed and I cried!! Alessia and Maxim, both have been through same horrific pain and somehow found each other. It’s just amazing how they got through it all. I love how Alessia found her confidence and how Maxim became a better person. I hope there is more to come of their story.“

“The Mister by E.L. James was awesome. The topic of this author and her books is very controversial. In my opinion, the controversy is ridiculous. If it wasn't for Fifty Shades and the rest I wouldn't be blogging about romance books, reading them anywhere near as much or reading such spicy awesomeness. So I thank you, E.L. James, for writing your fan-fic, for giving us Christian Grey and the red room, for opening the world of steamy romance up to indie authors and romance readers! That being said - this book is not anything like Fifty. Yes Maxim is rich and Alessia is not and he does swoop in but the similarities end there. Maxim is grieving the loss of his brother. But it is more than that. With his brothers passing, he, the "spare", is now the next Earl of Trevethick, a lifestyle and obligation he is NOT prepared for. When his new daily (cleaner) turns up he is entranced with her beauty and unsettled by it. When he overhears ehr playing complex compositions of Bach on his piano, he's beyond intrigued. Alessia escaped an arranged marriage in Albania only to wind up in an even worse situation. After making her way to her mother's best friends home in London she settles into a life of work. The highlight of her work days is at The Misters apartment. He has a piano and is often not home and Alessia treasures the times when she can play. Music lights up her soul. But when trouble finds her and comes knocking on The Misters door, she fears she will lose everything she has managed to carve away for herself. The audio is fabulously done for this book and was how I listened to the majority of it. The first person narrative of Maxim and the third person narrating of Alessia is different but also brings to attention the language barriers between these two characters. It took a little while for me to warm up to the story and get fully settled in but around the halfway mark I was addicted. I HAD to know what was going to happen, I just had to witness their growing relationship and the changes in Maxim. Loved it! Enjoy!“

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