The Enemy of the People by Jim Acosta PDF Download

The Enemy of the People by Jim Acosta PDF Download

By: Jim Acosta
Relase Date: 2019-06-11
Genre: Political Science, Politics & Current Events

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“Dramatic title with an underwhelming substance, next book I read will be about animals or something cool“

“I really like Jim Acosta....and was looking fwd to the book. But....if you have been keeping up with trump and his constant war on the press. ..You prob already know all of this. ....just a written account of what we’ve seen over the past 3 years of trump ...and his lies and people who lie for him. ... their crazy lies and attacks. Book barely even mentions Sarah Sanders. ...And she constantly insulted Acosta’s intelligence and Defamation of his character....was he afraid of what trump would do to him.? Then why even write a book Disappointed. I had seen most of these events happen on the news. Don’t expect any bomb shells. Or behind the scenes.... we all know trump hates anyone who disagrees with him. Or ask real questions...that’s all this book tells. What we already knew...“

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