Wild, Crazy Hearts by Melissa Foster PDF Download

Wild, Crazy Hearts by Melissa Foster PDF Download

By: Melissa Foster
Relase Date: 2019-06-12
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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“I absolutely love this story of Brindle Montgomery and Trace Jericho. They have a dynamic relationship that has been on again off again for years, since teenagers. They truly love another and care for each other deeply, but don’t know to communicate with one another. It’s not till Brindle returns from Paris pregnant with Trace’s baby, they really work on their relationship and their love is finally admitted to each other and Trace becomes the man she always knew was.“

“Wild horses couldn’t keep me away from this story! It was original, thought provoking, hurtful, joyful....EVERYTHING you’d ever want in a romance! Melissa Foster excelled in weaving Brindle’s pregnancy into a meaningful, relatable story. Brindle is a wild, free spirit who doesn’t always think before she speaks. It took a lonely trip overseas to truly find herself. Even though her trip to Paris was a lonely one, she finally realized her love for Trace. Brindle realized she didn’t just love Trace, but she enjoyed his company and friendship. When she returns home, hurtful words are exchanged. Before she knows it, she and Trace have fallen right back into their same destructive behavior. Wanting the best for herself and her baby, Brindle vows to change her ways. Trace was a wreck while Brindle was away. He was hurt she didn’t include him in her plans, but even more surprised when she returns pregnant. Brindle has ALWAYS been “it” for Trace, but he’s always been too afraid to pressure Brindle for fear she’d take off. Even though she’s hurt him more than words can say, he vows to stick by her and prove to her how great they are together. Best story in the series! I gobbled it up in one sitting. Relationships are HARD work! They’re aren’t easy and they require a lot of compromise. You have to learn from your mistakes and break the hurtful patterns that can turn love into hate. I loved how Trace “took over” and started doing things his way. I also enjoyed the parallels between mustangs and Brindle. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the family’s lives unfold. I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.“

“I just love that Melissa can continue this series in multiple sub-series that all intertwine and keep the stories going! Picking up where the last book ends, we find that Brindle is pregnant and feeling unsure of her feelings towards Trace after their longtime relationship and how her life is going to change. After taking a longer than anticipated vacation to sort through everything, she arrives back home ready to talk to the father of the baby, Trace. What she doesn’t expect is that he assumes and accuses Brindle of being pregnant with someone else’s baby, taking all those feelings she sorted through moot point. The bulk of the book’s storyline is the two sorting through their feelings while also preparing for the birth of their child. Overall it was a really cute book, especially finally seeing the two of them end up together and happy after the back and forth for so long! Love this series, love this author and can’t wait for the next installment! I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.“

“Always happy when a new Melissa Foster book comes out! I knew that Brindle and Trace was going to be a volatile couple and they didn’t disappoint! My emotions were all over the place right along with Brindle’s hormonal mood swings! I’m never disappointed in a when a Braden or Montgomery is involved in the story!“

“If you have been waiting for Brindle and Trace’s story you will NOT be disappointed. The storyline was not what I expected for the two of them so I thoroughly enjoyed the twists, turns, and revelations regarding their on again, off again relationship. It really was a true romance. Who would of guessed that the tough cowboy would have such a beautiful heart. Melissa Foster’s characters are always exceptional and she has outdone herself with this emotional read.“

“I freaking love Brindle and Trace. This is probably one of my more favorite couples in the Love in Bloom world (at least, the ones that I have read). They've had a lot of fights and miscommunications over the years, and they weren't even officially together. But because of Brindle being pregnant, they realize that things need to change, and they need to work together. Trace has always gone with what Brindle wanted in a no-strings attached thing, but not anymore. He wants it all with her, and she realizes she wants it all with him. It just took a long trip to Paris to realize it. I loved the character growth, and the growth in their relationship. They both made strides towards being better and more responsible people. Since they've been “together” for so long, the community supports them too, in awesome ways. It'll make you want your own Oak Falls to call home.“

“Another great book in this series! We have read about Trace and Brindle in many books about there on again off again relationship. But now it’s their story, and all truths come to light. Their love is full of passions, but they must overcome their stubbornness. When Brindle returns from “finding herself”, they meet their first test. But Trace won’t let her slip away and remains faithful to loving her. And they work on their communications and how to be a real couple. Plenty of steamy scenes, hot cowboys and other characters that will round out the story! A must read in this series for sure!!“

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