Forever Mine by Anna Zaires PDF Download

Forever Mine by Anna Zaires PDF Download

By: Anna Zaires
Relase Date: 2019-04-16
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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“Forever Mine is one twisted mind F**K that will your, gritty little heart away! Where the twist never stops and the desire never seems to halt. Oh, it’s just the balm that this dark romance girl needed to fulfill my desires!“

“I absolutely loved this entire series!! This book was especially great because Sara finally embraced who Peter was, and who she had become. I don’t want to spoil it, so I won’t say more. Peters story was one I really fell for because of how much he suffered as a youth and as an adult, didn’t stop him from being able to hold onto happiness in the end. All the characters are memorable and it’s especially wonderful to get an update on past characters lives. I’m always sad when a series ends, but Anna finds ways to keep her characters alive through the stories she continues to write. Although the focus of the book is on Peter and Sara, it was wonderful hearing from Julian, Nora, Luca and his wife. Rosa, Anna and Diego even made their cameos. Best Author Ever!!“

“Great ending“

“Very short and right when it actually started to get into the plot it just ended...? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t finished because it had a bunch of (x) marks throughout the book like the editor was telling the author to put something there.“

“This book is ... two words: UH-MAZING. I don’t even know where to start but Anna Zaires went and did it again. You left me completely obsessed with your writing and all of our loved characters were back in this final book. I have been ruined for all others, I can’t get enough! I am sad it’s over and happy that I get to re-read all at once. All I can say is this was series was EPIC.“

“I’ve never read a bad book by Anna Zaires, but this is one of her best! This is a must have for fans of dark romance, or enemies to lovers type books.“

“Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! I am going through serious withdrawals fromAna’s book right now....whyyyyy! I loved this book❤️! I wish it didn’t end. The story was great, hot sex as always, and amazing chemistry and banter between all of the main characters. It was fantastic to have all of the characters from the other stories in this finale as well. I am so thankful and happy I got to read this book early😊. Thanks Ana for the ARC and a great read👍🏾!“

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