Forever Guarded by Kathleen Brooks PDF Download

Forever Guarded by Kathleen Brooks PDF Download

By: Kathleen Brooks
Relase Date: 2018-07-31
Genre: Suspense, Romance

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“Another great story!! Loved Piper’s story and catching up with all the characters. Too many laugh out loud moments to count, can’t wait for the next book.“

“I LOVE Kathleen’s books, they are always entertaining and keeps you guessing as to “who’s next?”!!! and please, for the love of all torture...WHO ARE THE PANTY DROPPERS?😊🙏“

“Aiden and Piper were simply just meant to be. One didn’t believed she was able to find love and one after growing up seeing how the death of his father hurt his mother figured he didn’t need to love. Heart knows when it’s meant it’s soul mate. Aiden was hired as Pipers bodyguard. The moment he saw her he knew. After the fight for there life the married. That was short version of the story. But if you follow the series you know that already. Full of excitement, kidnappings, shooting, bombs, chemical warfare. The Keeneston family of course.“

“Another amazing story from Kathleen Brooks. Piper is in trouble and she is worried she will put her friends and family in harms way so she obtains a bodyguard. Aiden is a alpha male who immediately falls for this amazing woman. They are combustible when together and Aiden knows to let her be herself. This is a fabulous story and Aiden fits in with the Davies clan seamlessly. It has it all action, hot men and steamy scenes!!!“

“Every book we always say it is the best, and with this series it’s not a lie! Warning though, DO NOT READ THIS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, if you have someone sleeping next to you. You WILL laugh out loud, a LOT! I was only going to read a few chapters and then go to bed... I was up until after 3 am! This book had me crying in the sweet moments and crying laughing in the funny ones. Every book in this series, going all the way back to Bluegrass State of Mind, is great and Kathleen Brooks was always a talented writer but her newer work has secured her place as my number one favorite author. She has risen above Nora Roberts and Janet Evanovich in my opinion ( and if you combine the styles of writing of both those authors, you get a glimpse of hers!). I will be a faithful reader of her work always 😁 I can’t wait for the next one AND the new spinoff series!“

“I downloaded at midnight and couldn’t put it down. So much suspense at the end I can’t wait for Abby’s story!“

“Kathleen did it again! 🙌🏻 Each book of hers you say that was the best, she releases another and knocks it out of the park. This book as many laugh out loud, pee in your pants, tears rolling down your face moments. It has your heart racing fear moments, love and tenderness in it. Kathleen’s books give you all the emotions. Another great read and looking forward to the next in this series and the 1st in Shadows Landing.“

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