The Two-Week Arrangement by Kendall Ryan PDF Download

The Two-Week Arrangement by Kendall Ryan PDF Download

By: Kendall Ryan
Relase Date: 2019-06-04
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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“Loved Dominic and Presley together wish I would have waited to read the book closer to when the second one was coming out because now I’m sitting here waiting to read the rest of the story. I have not seen a Kendall Ryan book that I haven’t liked😍😍😘😘.“

“Solid work, but it moves a little fast for my taste. If there had been a little more development this would be fantastic. Solid quick read though!“

“Wow, Kendall hits another one out of the park. I love the strong characters in this novel. Dominic, the strong sexy CEO with his own secrets and Presley, the quiet girl next door. Bianca and Oliver serve as great side kicks. I won’t give away any spoilers but this is a MUST READ. Kendall never disappoints. I was so taken with the twist of the story and the cliffhanger left me wanting more. Cannot wait to read the conclusion of their story.“

“OMG what an arrangement it was. This book has totally blown me away and I can’t wait for part two. What you think you know trust me you have no idea. Kendall makes you think one thing but then she flips the script and you’re thrown for a loop. This book reaches and teaches more than you know and I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end and you will too. Must read ALWAYS!!!“

“Gah, this book was AMAZING!!! It drew me in from the start, and kept me there with the sexy, broody Dominic, and the strong, quiet Presley. These two are about as opposite as can be personality wise, but they just click. That ending??? Yeah, I need book two stat! An amazing must read that I would highly recommend!“

“So, I like a short and sexy read as much as the next person. And I can even get behind some insta-love, if it makes sense. Dominic Aspen is a pretty good reason, I'd say, him and his smoking hot man in a business suit ways, so how is a girl to say no? To keep her wits about her, dazzle him with her top-notch work ethic, and keep business, well, business? Yeah, this is a Kendall Ryan book, and a forbidden office romance at that, so that's not happening. All sass aside, I really enjoyed THE TWO WEEK ARRANGEMENT. I will admit that certain scenes had me shaking my head and saying, "Presley, girl, WHAT are you doing?!' She's so smart, yet such the ingenue at times, that I wanted to pull her aside and give her a talking to. And Dominic, well, sometimes, man, it's best to take a beat and think things through before saying the first thing to pop into your mind. I wasn't picking up that the fact that this book is, in fact, the first in a set, so, yes, I was a bit surprised as I plunged over the cliff, but, at this point, I'm all in, and hanging tough to see just how things shake out in SEVEN NIGHTS OF SIN, which can't get here quickly enough.“

“Presley carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. After her mother died and her brother came out as gay, well, their father stopped supporting her brother. She just graduated from college and is putting all her hope on an amazing unpaid internship at Aspen Hotels to earn her dream job. Of course, how will she pay for her brother’s schooling during the internship weighs on her mind. But she has already accomplished so much, she can handle whatever is thrown her way. Then she meets Dominic, the CEO of Aspen Hotels, and has a reaction she’s never felt toward a man. Dominic is an intense businessman that guards his personal life fiercely from his work life. He is hopeful that the new group of interns coming onboard will provide at least one that can join the ranks and elevate the business. He never expects Presley and for his reaction to her to be so overwhelming. He finds himself breaking his rules when he is without a date for an important business meeting and Presley is in the right place at the right time to step in. This begins an interesting off-hours relationship for these two which is a challenge for them both and kept me enthralled with their journey. Will Presley’s hopes and dreams crash and burn with their liaison? Or will Dominic finally open his heart again? Excited to see how this journey ends in book 2.“

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