Turtles All the Way Down by John Green PDF Download

Turtles All the Way Down by John Green PDF Download

By: John Green
Relase Date: 2017-10-10
Genre: Coming of Age, Young Adult

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“And the story is so real and tangible and I feel like characters were written for me.“

“absolutely amazing. really resonates with me“

“Such a moving, remarkable story. Draws you in to Aza and her story and her struggles in such an honest and unflinching and difficult way but that also makes you never want it to end. The single most accurate and heart-wrenching portrayal of living with OCD that I’ve ever read. Will forever be grateful to John Green for putting words to all these emotions and experiences I’ve struggled to verbalize throughout my life. Recommend it so highly to absolutely everyone. Thank you“

“I was just as captivated by this one as I was with all of his others. He finds a way to write about hard things in a way that doesn’t take away from them and still makes them relatable.“


“I haven’t even had the chance to read this yet but I have read a review that has already made me cry. Not from sadness, but from relatable(ness). I have a box set of 4 of your books that I have always treasured. And now my favorite author has written a book that I can relate on a whole new level. So many books and shows misrepresent OCD but I hope the six years that went into writing this book gets it right.“

“John Green tells an amazing story that I can relate to so much. It was my first John Green book I’ve ever read and I love it! Ive decided to read his other books. The title is confusing at first when you start reading it but the book explains it later on.“

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