Educated by Tara Westover PDF Download

Educated by Tara Westover PDF Download

By: Tara Westover
Relase Date: 2018-02-20
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs,

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“Memoirs are not usually the type of book that strikes my interest, however, the survivalist-Mormon backdrop was something I had only a vague idea of. After hearing a brief interview of Tara prompting the book I decided it was a must read & having just finished the book just hours ago... I’m so glad I did. I will say, if you have a history of trauma and may be sensitive to reading about someone else’s tread lightly. The story itself is still baffling to me- Tara’s journey from barely any education to being highly educated due to her own will, through all of her family struggles, is astounding.“

“It is not often a book allows you reconsider your own childhood. While I read this window into Ms. Westover’s life, I questioned my own memories and my own beliefs. When does a child quit being a child? When a child reaches a certain age or participates in some religious event? Is it that moment when a child stops accepting that their parents viewpoint is the only accurate version of events? Is it that moment when we all determine what our own beliefs are? Do we believe in God because we are told to believe or do we truly own our faith and belief as our own? Adulthood is a process for all of us and this book walks us through Ms. Westover’s process. The book was very well written and you can hear the internal struggle that she has gone and appears to still be going through. I do hope this book provided Ms. Westover with a semblance of healing. I pray that her faith in God and her own memory can be restored. It is an excellent book written with an open mind and acknowledgement that it is her viewpoint. She manages to show respect to her family by not degrading them, while acknowledging that it is not the accepted normal.“

“I Purchase this book based on the reviews. But, I had a hard time getting through this book. It was ok, but not one that I will remember. I am not sure what all the wonderful reviews are about.“

“Don’t know I mean I have some stuff to do I have to make it to you and do stuff you know you want me to do“

“I couldn’t put this book down, because some of it seemed so familiar to me. If only it could have been expressed as a work of fiction with a pseudonym as author. She could have possibly retained association with more of her family. But then the book may never have been seriously considered, nor become so critically acclaimed. I thank the author for her bravery and congratulate her for her achievements.“

“This book was beyond riveting. Tara Westover grew up in a family most of us could not fathom, one in which her family who keeps their children out of school, sees modern medicine as evil, and didn’t even get her a birth certificate until about age 9. The backdrop of Buck’s Peak in rural Idaho serves to ground this family but separates Tara both physically and educationally from the modern world until against all odds, she grows wings, a painful process that pits her between the educated world and the one her bipolar father and submissive, herbalist mother have so carefully constructed for her. Tara’s strength and revealed weaknesses make you root for her. And her beautiful articulate writing and development of family members leaves you heartbroken, retrospective, and involved. She lets us into her world, her struggles, and her eventual education that serves to liberate her. I couldn’t put this book down and didn’t want to finish it so awed am I by Tara’s true life story.“

“Didn’t care for it, couldn’t feel any interest in any of the characters“

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