A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin PDF Download

A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin PDF Download

By: George R.R. Martin
Relase Date: 2016-09-28
Genre: Epic, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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“Great story, great new format ebook. Martin’s first book is a little different from the later books (AFFC/ADWD) in Ice and Fire. Despite the page count, this book is a fairly quick read and a great story. The story moves quicker, and it’s the plot that carries this book. The later books slow down the plot, but add atmosphere and characters, allowing mood to carry those books towards more thematic, almost philosophical writing. Some will enjoy books 4&5 more for their complexity and feeling of melancholy, but A Game of Thrones is the “simplest” story in this series. It begins with a few chapters serving as the introduction to the characters. Then the plot begins with the initial conflict. A traditional three act story follows, culminating in an ending that sets ups the next entry in the series. Also this new enhanced ebook format is the perfect format for a new reader. It has lots of information via an appendix, a glossary, and maps. It explains the characters and the world and has lots of visuals. Even the occasional audio clip from the audio book.“

“I wasted my$🤑“

“I love this book when I first read it and now with all these nice little updates it’s even better.“

“Epic story. Really attractive.“

“I love the enhanced edition of these books I already own all the current books so far in this series in many different formats I have them in hardcover as well as audiobook on audible & ive gotta say that the enhanced edition is by far the coolest version & my favorite. All the special things you can do with the enhanced edition is what sets this version apart from all the rest. I would say that for only $8 it’s worth buying it even if you already own it in another format. I see that other people have reviewed it but nobody has actually wrote a review yet. If your still wondering if you should buy it then my suggestion would be to try out the free preview it gives you 80 pages of free reading so try that & then make your decision but I totally think it’s worth it especially if your a huge fan of game of thrones.“

“If you like the show, you will love the book. The interactive content adds an entirely new element to GOTs 🔥🔥🔥“

“Great read for GoT fans that want to get their GoT fix before the new season“

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